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The Brown Bag

Lunch bag designed for busy users

This project aimed to study the iconic brown paper bag and its wonder features such as throwing it away after use. This lunch bag harbors the feeling the brown paper bag gives but offers sustainability and ease of use.

Prototype: Fabric

Editing: Photoshop, Figma

Duration: 4 weeks

Persona Research

Group 6.png
Group 8.png

Persona Research:


My research showed that people who were busy were more likely NOT to bother to pack a bag and carry food instead.

I needed to start studying how preexisting products, their forms, and how I can create a product that would appeal to my current users: People who have no time to spare.


When I began sketching, I needed to think of what my users really needed

I concluded my users need something that is:

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to access

  • Versatile 

Prototype Goals:

Design a lunch bag that is:
easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to access.

Paper Prototypes

Volume testing

Volume testing



Fabric Prototypes

Final Fabric Prototype

Project Breakdown

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