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In an unknown world, humanoid creatures have been taken over by an evil government. The creatures must rebel against the government to regain their freedom. The Unknown Helmet is a fighting tool that helps the creatures in their rebellion.

Unknown Helmet

SKETCHES                 PROTOTYPE                 USAGE                FINAL DESIGN


Plunged into a world-building design project, my team and I embarked on a mission to craft a captivating backstory for our envisioned future. In this dystopian realm, we painted a vivid picture of a society teetering on the brink of collapse, where cannibalistic warriors, driven by desperation and the echoes of an ancient ritual, clashed with the iron grip of an oppressive government. This conflict, a stark contrast between the raw, primal instincts of survival and the cold, calculating machinations of control, set the stage for a tale of escape, where a group of rebels, armed with their courage and the echoes of their fading traditions, sought to break free from the shackles of tyranny


The oppressive government's surveillance over our future society demands innovative tools that can seamlessly transform into effective weapons. These adaptive armaments must be readily accessible and user-friendly to accommodate the physical limitations resulting from the harsh realities of our world.


Wanted to focus on creating a physical prototype that somewhat resembled the 3D model to focus on my prototyping skills

During this time, I learned how to protect and carve insulation - while also adding full details to a 3d model

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